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MOE - guitar

HARU - bass

KIMI - lead vocals

AYUMI - guitar

NATSUMI - drums

Formed in Fukuoka Japan in 2012, BRIDEAR is one of Japan’s premier hard rock/heavy metal bands and is setting their sights on the global stage. With diverse influences from German metal legends Helloween to British prog-pop pioneers Muse, the all-female quintet combines elements of power metal, progressive rock, and the melodic hooks of J-pop to create a sound unlike any of their rivals from the Land of the Rising Sun.


After releasing their first single in 2012, BRIDEAR has been unrelenting. Performing across Japan, the band developed a dedicated following which continued to grow with their first EP Overturn the Doom, and the follow up hit single and popular music video “Light in the Dark.” International audiences soon discovered the video online creating a massive buzz and passionate global hard rock/metal audience.


Following the 2016 release of their first full-length album BARYTE, the group continued to perform across their home country gaining a reputation for excellent musicianship and engaging live performances. In 2017, BRIDEAR performed in Europe for the first time and appeared at major conventions such as Mondocon in Budapest, Hungry and Made in Asia in Brussels, Belgium supporting their EP HELIX. Having performed in 11 countries, BRIDEAR has worked to build their fan base in the West while becoming a major label act in Japan. Celebrating their 2019 album Expose Your Emotions, BRIDEAR again ventured overseas performing in London at METAL MATSURI, the first all J-metal festival outside of Japan. The stunning set won more international fans and gained press attention in their home country for the memorable performance.

In 2021, BRIDEAR joined UK-based label SETSUZOKU RECORDS. The album Bloody Bride became BRIDEAR's first official international release receiving incredible reviews from international music media, and drawing the attention of such publications as Metal Hammer and Guitar Player magazine. In September 2021, The epic 8-minute prog masterpiece 'Brave New World Revisited' was then released as a digital single, encapsulating the band's incredible versatility and technical wizardry. 

In the autumn of 2021, BRIDEAR became the first artist from Japan to tour internationally since the disruptions of COVID-19. Visiting England, Scotland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and France, the tour was a triumphant return to the international stage displaying the band's bravery and will to overcome the odds and reclaim live music in a 'Brave New World'. 


May 2022 will see the international release of the brand-new album Aegis of Athena—a blistering 11-track opus perfectly blending traditional heavy metal, progressive arrangements, and addictive J-rock hooks. With ambitions at an all-time high, BRIDEAR is set to further their international reach in 2022 and beyond.



The 'Decide to Survive' European tour was a great success! Thank you to all who came out to support BRIDEAR! 

Next tour to be announced soon! Stay tuned!


latest news

August 17 2022

September 10th - London - Boston Music Room




July 11 2022


Notice of MISAKI's Withdrawal and New Member Joining BRIDEAR


Thank you for your continued support of BRIDEAR. We announce that MISAKI, who had announced her leave of absence, has decided to leave BRIDEAR.


Due to her health condition, she has been unable to continue her band activities and has expressed her desire to leave the band. We have been trying to find a way for her to continue her activities as BRIDEAR, but out of respect for MISAKI's health and her future life, We have decided that MISAKI will be leaving BRIDEAR as of today.


We apologize for this disappointing news to our fans who have been supporting us.


In order for BRIDEAR to continue its vigorous activities in the future, we have decided to officially add MOE as a new guitarist. Starting from SUMMER SONIC 2022 on August 20, KIMI, AYUMI, MOE, HARU, and NATSUMI will be performing together.


We hope that you will continue to look forward to and support our activities under the new organization.

Comments from the members of BRIDEAR:

MISAKI:Thank you for your continued support and encouragement of BRIDEAR. I am sorry for causing a great deal of worry and concern to our fans and everyone concerned by my leaving the band in this way.

Thank you very much for your warm welcome and support as a new member. I am filled with many irreplaceable memories. I cannot thank you all enough for your support, and I have gained so much experience and made my dreams come true through my band activities.
I hope that the band BRIDEAR will spread further and be loved by people all over the world, and that the dreams of each member will be fulfilled in the future. I would like to thank all of our fans and everyone involved for your continued support of BRIDEAR.

I, too, will try my best to get well as soon as possible so that one day my name will catch your attention again.

Thank you very much for your support over the past four and a half years.

KIMI:Thank you very much for your continued support of BRIDEAR.

As announced, MISAKI is leaving the band.. We are sorry to hear this, but her health is our top priority and we hope that she can rest and get well. We hope that you will all warmly watch over her.. We have been supported by MISAKI's hard work throughout our activities together. I am sure that we will meet again somewhere when she returns to her musical activities. Thank you so much, MISAKI. And we are pleased to announce the addition of MOE.. From Fukuoka, the place where we started, a savior has appeared.. Please look forward to the coolest sound and the coolest performances.

From now on, the five of us with MOE added will start walking again. I assure you that we will never betray your expectations.. We will continue to be a band that you, our fans, can be proud of.


AYUMI:MISAKI and I have been working together for a long time, but we have decided to go our separate ways. Even though it is an unavoidable reason, I feel very sad because she was my first twin-guitar partner in my band life.. I loved MISAKI's serious attitude toward music and guitars, and the way he had fun while creating her works, and I always respected her while working with her.
 She also had a very kind heart and supported me by taking over my work load when I was having a hard time.. We worked together for about three and a half years, and it was a really enjoyable and precious time.. Thank you so much, MISAKI! I look forward to hearing her new songs someday when she is completely healthy again. And from now on, we are going to have a new member, MOE. Together with MOE, we will continue to create a new, yet unique sound for BRIDEAR.. We will face many challenges, but no matter what happens, BRIDEAR will never stop! We will never let you, our supporters, regret supporting us. Please continue to support MISAKI and BRIDEAR in the future!

HARU:To all of you who have always supported us, I am sorry for causing you worry. While MISAKI was taking a rest period, I was impressed by her strong words, "I love BRIDEAR, so I hope you will find a new member to keep going". Although I feel disappointed, I wanted to cherish her feelings when she told me so. First of all, I wish her to recover her health. And I too am looking forward to seeing what she will be doing in the future.. And our new guitarist MOE is a savior.. While we presented hard details in the recruitment of new members, she gave us all her best to express her feelings about joining BRIDEAR.. She is a guitarist who has strong feelings for BRIDEAR, plays well, and loves metal.. After meeting MOE, I have decided to accept the wishes of MISAKI and everyone who supports us, and to move forward with MOE and the five of us together.
I am sorry to have surprised you all and to have made you uneasy.
We hope that you will continue to have high expectations and hopes for BRIDEAR from now on and know we will never let you down.  We will go forward with all our might.. Thank you for your continued support.

NATSUMI: I would like to continue to grow with MOE, who will join us as a new member. We will continue to move forward with a positive attitude, so we hope you will continue to support us.. I would also appreciate it if you would watch over MISAKI with a warm heart.

MOE:Hello, I am MOE, and I am pleased to join BRIDEAR.
I am sure many of you are new to me, so let me briefly introduce myself.  I was born in Fukuoka Prefecture, where BRIDEAR was formed, and graduated from MI JAPAN Fukuoka School. I grew up in an environment where metal music was played from childhood, but I like a wide range of music.
I know I have surprised many of you with my sudden joining, but I hope to share a good time with you all. I will do my best, so please give me your warm welcome.



June 17 2022

Aegis of Athena has received an outstanding review in the latest Metal Hammer magazine in the UK. Check it out in the issue celebrating Iron Maiden's anniversary of Fear of the Dark on the cover. 


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