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Formed in Fukuoka Japan in 2012, BRIDEAR is one of Japan’s premier heavy metal bands and is setting their sights on the global stage. With diverse influences from German metal legends Helloween to British prog-pop pioneers Muse, the all-female quintet combines elements of power metal, progressive rock, and the melodic hooks of J-pop to create a sound unlike any of their rivals from the Land of the Rising Sun.


After releasing their first single in 2012, BRIDEAR has been unrelenting. Performing across Japan, the band developed a dedicated following which continued to grow with their first EP Overturn the Doom, and the follow up hit single and popular music video “Light in the Dark.” International audiences soon discovered the video online creating a massive buzz and passionate global hard rock/metal audience.


Following the 2016 release of their first full-length album BARYTE, the group continued to perform across their home country gaining a reputation for excellent musicianship and engaging live performances. In 2017, BRIDEAR performed in Europe for the first time and appeared at major conventions such as Mondocon in Budapest, Hungry and Made in Asia in Brussels, Belgium supporting their EP HELIX. Having performed in 11 countries, BRIDEAR has worked to build their fan base in the West while becoming a major label act in Japan, attracting AVEX TRAX for their 2019 album Expose Your Emotions. On October 5th 2019, BRIDEAR performed in London at METAL MATSURI, the first all J-metal festival outside of Japan, with a stunning set winning more international fans and gaining press attention in their home country for the memorable performance.


In 2021, BRIDEAR joined UK-based label SETSUZOKU RECORDS. The band's new album, Bloody Bride, will be BRIDEAR's first official international release, available in the UK/EU from 7 May 2021 on CD and digital.

MISAKI - guitar

HARU - bass

KIMI - lead vocals

AYUMI - guitar

NATSUMI - drums



6 April 2021


9 March 2021


9 March 2021

BRIDEAR's 2019 album Expose Your Emotions will recieve an official international release featuring an all new cover, booklet, and 3 bonus tracks. 

1  Ghoul
3  Dance Macabre
4  Awakers
5  thawing
6  misery machine
7  You
8  Sick
9  Crybaby
10 Again

Bonus Tracks - Live from BRAVE NEW WORLD REVISITED broadcast (recorded 26 July 2020)
11 Ghoul
12 The Moment
13 Misery Machine

Out from 7 May 2021 on CD and digital.






 'Into the Dark Forever' tour 2021! Tickets on sale now!*

28 Sept - Stockholm, Sweden - Nalen

30 Sept - Berlin, Germany - Club Nuke

1 Oct - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg

2 Oct - Brussels, Belgium - Botanique

3  Oct - Paris, France - Boule Noir

6 Oct - London, England - Underworld

7 Oct - Birmingham, England - Castle & Falcon

9 Oct - Glasgow, Scotland - Nice n' Sleazy

10 Oct - Manchester, England - Night & Day Cafe

*Due to uncertainty regarding COVID-19 restrictions in some regions, changes to the itinerary may occur.

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