15 November 2021

Thank you again METAL HAMMER! Check out the live review from the amazing gig in Birmingham, UK!

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14 October 2021

Thank you to ALL of the amazing fans in Europe and the UK!

BRIDEAR made history as the first Japanese band to tour internationally since the COVID-19 pandemic! The band succsessfuly completed their anticipated EU/UK tour playing to enthusiastic crowds in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, England, and Scotland.


This is only the beginning!



25 June 2021

Thank you METAL HAMMER! Check us out in issue #350



15 May 2021

GLOBAL METAL CONNECTION -International Release Live!- is now confirmed for archive streaming beginning 4 JUNE from 6pm BST! Digital tickets on sale now! Watch BRIDEAR and fellow Setsuzoku Records artist IBUKI tear it up from Tokyo! 


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7 May 2021

New album 'Bloody Bride' (international edition) and the reissue of 'Expose Your Emotions' is now available in the UK/EU! Plus, brand new merch is now available for pre-order from the Setsuzoku Records webstore!







Pre-order here!

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20 April 2021

On the heel of their UK/EU tour announcement, BRIDEAR has released a brand new music video for the latest single and title track of the new album 'Bloody Bride'!


6 April 2021

9 March 2021

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9 March 2021

BRIDEAR's 2019 album Expose Your Emotions will recieve an official international release featuring an all new cover, booklet, and 3 bonus tracks. 

1  Ghoul
3  Dance Macabre
4  Awakers
5  thawing
6  misery machine
7  You
8  Sick
9  Crybaby
10 Again

Bonus Tracks - Live from BRAVE NEW WORLD REVISITED broadcast (recorded 26 July 2020)
11 Ghoul
12 The Moment
13 Misery Machine

Out from 7 May 2021 on CD and digital.

6 March 2021

BRIDEAR - "Daybreak" listed for GUITAR WORLD Magazine's essential tracks of the week!  See the article here...


2 March 2021


Bloody Bride International edition album cover is now revealed! 

Setsuzoku Records will release the album with alternative artwork and booklet design including romaji lyric transliterations. 

Track listing:

Deep Blue


Bloody Bride




The Moment



Dream Eater

A Glorious World


Out on CD and digital from 7 May, 2021!