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March 9, 2023

We are happy to announce that reserving tickets for BRIDEAR in Japan has just become so much easier!  For the April 30th show in Tokyo, click here for details on reserving your spot!


February 17 2023

Aegis of London...LIVE! is out today on CD & digital! 


February 3rd 2023

BRIDEAR just shot a video for a studio bonus track "Eyes of Doubt" from the Japanese version of Aegis of London...LIVE! and released a new band photo. Info on the video is coming soon!


December 25th 2022

BRIDEAR Aegis of Athena was voted by readers #16 in Metal Hammer magazine's poll for album of the year! This is an epic result! Thank you to everyone who voted!

see the results 




December 12, 2022

BRIDEAR's album Aegis of Athena was #5 in Metal Hammer's top 10 power metal albums of 2022!
It's an honor to be among heavyweights such as Sabaton, Blind Guardian, and Battle Beast.
The international march continues! Thank you Metal Hammer!

Check out the article




November 21, 2022

BRIDEAR will appear on "J-MELO” on NHK WORLD-JAPAN!
The popular English language show will feature the band with an exclusive performance & interview!

The show airs Dec 5 (Mon) 12:10AM, 5:10AM, 12:30PM, 18:30PM (Japan time)
Live streaming available on the NHK World JAPAN
Can't catch it live? No problem! On-demand streaming (free) Dec 5 ~ Feb 6

Don’t miss it!


November 4, 2022

French website talked to us when we were in Paris during the recent 'Decide to Suvive' tour! Check out the interview below (French and English!)

(English subtitles)

(French subtitles)


October 16 2022

Metal Hammer was back again to see BRIDEAR tear it up in Birmingham!

Check out the absolute banger of a review in the latest issue!



August 17 2022

September 10th - London - Boston Music Room




September 22 2022

June 17 2022

Aegis of Athena has received an outstanding review in the latest Metal Hammer magazine in the UK. Check it out in the issue celebrating Iron Maiden's anniversary of Fear of the Dark on the cover. 


1 crop.png

The 'Decide To Survive tour' is over! What a journey it was! Thank you to all of the fans who came out and supported BRIDEAR in Scotland, England, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. We'll see you next time! And enjoy the upcoming live album! 

(gallery videos courtesy of Orion Live International, Tom J., and Allfuz Inc)



July 11 2022



Notice of MISAKI's Withdrawal and New Member Joining BRIDEAR


Thank you for your continued support of BRIDEAR. We announce that MISAKI, who had announced her leave of absence, has decided to leave BRIDEAR.


Due to her health condition, she has been unable to continue her band activities and has expressed her desire to leave the band. We have been trying to find a way for her to continue her activities as BRIDEAR, but out of respect for MISAKI's health and her future life, We have decided that MISAKI will be leaving BRIDEAR as of today.


We apologize for this disappointing news to our fans who have been supporting us.


In order for BRIDEAR to continue its vigorous activities in the future, we have decided to officially add MOE as a new guitarist. Starting from SUMMER SONIC 2022 on August 20, KIMI, AYUMI, MOE, HARU, and NATSUMI will be performing together.


We hope that you will continue to look forward to and support our activities under the new organization.

Comments from the members of BRIDEAR:

MISAKI:Thank you for your continued support and encouragement of BRIDEAR. I am sorry for causing a great deal of worry and concern to our fans and everyone concerned by my leaving the band in this way.

Thank you very much for your warm welcome and support as a new member. I am filled with many irreplaceable memories. I cannot thank you all enough for your support, and I have gained so much experience and made my dreams come true through my band activities.
I hope that the band BRIDEAR will spread further and be loved by people all over the world, and that the dreams of each member will be fulfilled in the future. I would like to thank all of our fans and everyone involved for your continued support of BRIDEAR.

I, too, will try my best to get well as soon as possible so that one day my name will catch your attention again.

Thank you very much for your support over the past four and a half years.

KIMI:Thank you very much for your continued support of BRIDEAR.

As announced, MISAKI is leaving the band.. We are sorry to hear this, but her health is our top priority and we hope that she can rest and get well. We hope that you will all warmly watch over her.. We have been supported by MISAKI's hard work throughout our activities together. I am sure that we will meet again somewhere when she returns to her musical activities. Thank you so much, MISAKI. And we are pleased to announce the addition of MOE.. From Fukuoka, the place where we started, a savior has appeared.. Please look forward to the coolest sound and the coolest performances.

From now on, the five of us with MOE added will start walking again. I assure you that we will never betray your expectations.. We will continue to be a band that you, our fans, can be proud of.


AYUMI:MISAKI and I have been working together for a long time, but we have decided to go our separate ways. Even though it is an unavoidable reason, I feel very sad because she was my first twin-guitar partner in my band life.. I loved MISAKI's serious attitude toward music and guitars, and the way he had fun while creating her works, and I always respected her while working with her.
 She also had a very kind heart and supported me by taking over my work load when I was having a hard time.. We worked together for about three and a half years, and it was a really enjoyable and precious time.. Thank you so much, MISAKI! I look forward to hearing her new songs someday when she is completely healthy again. And from now on, we are going to have a new member, MOE. Together with MOE, we will continue to create a new, yet unique sound for BRIDEAR.. We will face many challenges, but no matter what happens, BRIDEAR will never stop! We will never let you, our supporters, regret supporting us. Please continue to support MISAKI and BRIDEAR in the future!

HARU:To all of you who have always supported us, I am sorry for causing you worry. While MISAKI was taking a rest period, I was impressed by her strong words, "I love BRIDEAR, so I hope you will find a new member to keep going". Although I feel disappointed, I wanted to cherish her feelings when she told me so. First of all, I wish her to recover her health. And I too am looking forward to seeing what she will be doing in the future.. And our new guitarist MOE is a savior.. While we presented hard details in the recruitment of new members, she gave us all her best to express her feelings about joining BRIDEAR.. She is a guitarist who has strong feelings for BRIDEAR, plays well, and loves metal.. After meeting MOE, I have decided to accept the wishes of MISAKI and everyone who supports us, and to move forward with MOE and the five of us together.
I am sorry to have surprised you all and to have made you uneasy.
We hope that you will continue to have high expectations and hopes for BRIDEAR from now on and know we will never let you down.  We will go forward with all our might.. Thank you for your continued support.

NATSUMI: I would like to continue to grow with MOE, who will join us as a new member. We will continue to move forward with a positive attitude, so we hope you will continue to support us.. I would also appreciate it if you would watch over MISAKI with a warm heart.

MOE:Hello, I am MOE, and I am pleased to join BRIDEAR.
I am sure many of you are new to me, so let me briefly introduce myself.  I was born in Fukuoka Prefecture, where BRIDEAR was formed, and graduated from MI JAPAN Fukuoka School. I grew up in an environment where metal music was played from childhood, but I like a wide range of music.
I know I have surprised many of you with my sudden joining, but I hope to share a good time with you all. I will do my best, so please give me your warm welcome.



May 25 2022

'Decide to Survive' tour 2022 is coming this September!

UK dates announced! European dates will be annlounced in the coming weeks.
Please check the tour section of this website for all of the official updates!



May 13 2022

Aegis of Athena is out in UK, Europe, and North America! 



March 31 2022


Aegis of Athena internatioal release will be May 13th on Setsuzoku Records!
Pre-orders for the CD and shirt are open Friday, April 1st!



15 November 2021

Thank you again METAL HAMMER! Check out the live review from the amazing gig in Birmingham, UK!

metal hammer review cover_edited.jpg
BRIDEAR metal hammer live.png


14 October 2021

Thank you to ALL of the amazing fans in Europe and the UK!

BRIDEAR made history as the first Japanese band to tour internationally since the COVID-19 pandemic! The band succsessfuly completed their anticipated EU/UK tour playing to enthusiastic crowds in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, England, and Scotland.


This is only the beginning!



25 June 2021

Thank you METAL HAMMER! Check us out in issue #350



15 May 2021

GLOBAL METAL CONNECTION -International Release Live!- is now confirmed for archive streaming beginning 4 JUNE from 6pm BST! Digital tickets on sale now! Watch BRIDEAR and fellow Setsuzoku Records artist IBUKI tear it up from Tokyo! 


£ -…

€ -…

¥ -

Stream_Poster_TSUTAYA stream only.jpg


7 May 2021

New album 'Bloody Bride' (international edition) and the reissue of 'Expose Your Emotions' is now available in the UK/EU! Plus, brand new merch is now available for pre-order from the Setsuzoku Records webstore!







Pre-order here!

BloodyBride_Shirt_Preview (1).jpg
ExposeEmotion_Shirt_Preview (2).jpg


20 April 2021

On the heel of their UK/EU tour announcement, BRIDEAR has released a brand new music video for the latest single and title track of the new album 'Bloody Bride'!


6 April 2021

9 March 2021

BloodyBride_TourPoster_Web (2).jpg

9 March 2021

BRIDEAR's 2019 album Expose Your Emotions will recieve an official international release featuring an all new cover, booklet, and 3 bonus tracks. 

1  Ghoul
3  Dance Macabre
4  Awakers
5  thawing
6  misery machine
7  You
8  Sick
9  Crybaby
10 Again

Bonus Tracks - Live from BRAVE NEW WORLD REVISITED broadcast (recorded 26 July 2020)
11 Ghoul
12 The Moment
13 Misery Machine

Out from 7 May 2021 on CD and digital.

6 March 2021

BRIDEAR - "Daybreak" listed for GUITAR WORLD Magazine's essential tracks of the week!  See the article here...


2 March 2021


Bloody Bride International edition album cover is now revealed! 

Setsuzoku Records will release the album with alternative artwork and booklet design including romaji lyric transliterations. 

Track listing:

Deep Blue


Bloody Bride




The Moment



Dream Eater

A Glorious World


Out on CD and digital from 7 May, 2021!

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